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Careers with VineCorps  


Learn about current openings on our Idealist page.

VineCorps is a comprehensive youth development organization that bridges systemic opportunity gaps while promoting health and wellbeing by building neighborhood hubs of connection, action and growth for teens and young adults in under-served areas of Prince George's County, Maryland. Working closely with youth who contend with challenging circumstances such as low household income and undocumented or restrictive immigration status, VineCorps provides personally tailored educational enrichment, holistic behavioral health support, pathways to high-quality youth employment, family assistance, and access to crucial life experiences beyond the classroom and workplace — all with relentless encouragement. 

Come work with us! Join a team that is collaborating to build programs, systems, and structures from the ground up. All team members are committed to shared leadership, reflective group discernment, mutual accountability, social justice, antiracism, and nonviolent conflict resolution. We share a passionate belief in the value of positive youth development and committed community, and we find joy in building multicultural community, bridging entrenched divides, and having playful fun on the job!

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