Who We Are

VineCorps' Credo: The most loving thing that anyone can do for me is hold me accountable to my commitments and to exercising my gifts for the sake of the whole, because that's how I discover and develop my own unique

potential. I will work through my ambivalence to accept and offer caring accountability.


VineCorps began in 2010 as a small group of concerned volunteers working to address a pressing local need: educational support and youth development programs for teens, especially those struggling to gain traction academically or elsewhere in their lives. Initially, we understood ourselves as an organization marshaling resources to offer tangible, practical opportunities. VineCorps is that, but along the way our understanding deepened: we are a community seeking truth to give tangible, practical love. So we embrace our credo as we embrace one another.


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"Now and always, we begin again."      —  Anselm of Canterbury