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Diana Acosta

Co-Executive Director


Chris Dwyer

Co-Executive Director



Regarding servant leadership and the stewardship of all participants:


"I asked, 'Who is the leader of this crew team?' 'Well,' [the oarsman] said, 'that depends. In the race, on the job, it is the little person in the back of the boat, the one who can't row, who is in charge. He, or often she, is the task leader. But there is also the stroke, who sets the pace and the standard we all must follow. Off the river, however, the leader is the captain of the boat. He or she is responsible for choosing the crew, for our discipline, and for the mood and motivation of the group, but on the river the captain is just another member of the crew. Finally, there is the coach, who is responsible for our training and development. There is no doubt who is the leader when the coach is around. We don't have any one leader,' he concluded, 'nor do we give anyone that title. The role shifts around, depending on the stage we are at.' "


 — Charles Handy

Board of Directors

Tim Adade

President & Chair

Adade Institute

Joe Bredekamp


NASA (retired)

Norma Ruiz


Commodity Futures Trading Commission


Maureen Dwyer


Sitar Arts Center

Musa Eubanks 

Maryland Office of the Attorney General 

Bambi Harmon

CONCERN — Maryland

Dan Shenk-Evans

Build Consulting


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